Tuesday, June 28, 2011

144 Boxes

144 boxes of what, you ask? Food. Food for those who cannot get it themselves.

But why 144? A perfect square of 12. Perfect. A perfect number. A number that can change 144 lives. A number that can have many meanings.

144 minutes a person can spend doing something else for others.
144 extra steps taken each day for ones health.
144 cents donated to help someone or something in need.

But why help someone else? What has some stranger done to deserve your time? Your money? Your energy? They’re human. And every person deserves a chance.

Walk down the streets of Detroit. Any street. Chances are you will see a homeless man/woman. Why are they homeless? Not because they didn’t work hard enough. Not because they deserve it. It is because they were dealt a bad hand and this is what their life has come to.

That is not to say that every single homeless person has a heart of gold. There are ugly crayons in every box, but would you throw away a pack of crayons because of a few bad colors? No, you try to use them to create a beautiful picture.
And you use every skill you have to make every single crayon a vital part of your picture. From the shiny gold to the orchids to the burnt orange.

These our people in OUR community. In OUR city.  It’s time to start lending a hand to help ourselves up, because no one else will. We’re Detroiters. We’re known for being hard workers.  Detroit is an attitude.  Embrace it. Show everyone what the D is all about.  We ARE a force to be reckoned with. 

So what can 3 hours at Gleaners Food Bank accomplish?
144 Boxes.

Your Fellow Detroiters,
Faygo & Towne Club

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