Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome to Detroit

A place people call home. A city made of hard workers and go-getters. A place of hope.

However, it is not always seen this way. It is seen as a war zone; a place not even to visit; a city of failure. Few people see the good that comes from this city; the beautiful museums; the world class orchestra; the championship worthy teams.  The on-looking eyes need to be redirected.  From the blight to the breathtaking.  From the abandoned buildings to the gems. 

What do you think.....

Detroit as this?

Or this?

Whichever you think, know this...
"It is worth remembering that the Roman Empire is gone, but we still have Romans. And they wear nice shoes, look at good art and drink coffee all day" (LeDuff).

Detroit was a great city, and can be again. We are on the precipice of a revolution. We have the opportunity to be a part of it; let's not let it pass by. 

Your Fellow Detroiters,

Faygo and Towne Club

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